I work as Quality and Security Director at Snow Software, the world leader in creating Software Asset Management products. I daily deal with Applications, Security, and Azure cloud – hence, the blog name. Here I write about my findings, discovered hacks, and good practices. Main three topic on this blog – Cloud Security, AppSec, and DevOps.


I enjoy public speaking and participate in local and international conferences: Agila Sverige 2017, SWETUGG 2018, NoNameCon 2018, Microsoft TechDays Sweden 2018.

I also deliver workshops on building secure development lifecycle (SDLC), secure coding and design, building secure infrastructure, DevOps and DevSecOps.

I’m passionate about cybersecurity and quality and deeply believe that we lead the good fight and make this world a bit better and cleaner place.

Previously, I lived in Finland where worked for GE Healthcare and Microsoft (contractor). I hold MSc. in Machine Learning and therefore always try using data, plots, and math in analysis and improvements suggestions. I’m finishing my MBA studies at Blekinge Högskola.

Get in touch? Discuss giving a workshop or training? Write to me at igor.andri@live.com or connect on LinkedIn.

Follow me on Twitter as well: @doshch

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